If you are reading this because you are searching for a Speech-Language Pathologist or Psychologist, please consider that neither the lowest or the highest fees necessarily means you are getting the best value for money or the intervention that will best suit you. The high level of training and experience of the professionals in this practice means that straight forward issues are often resolved much more quickly as current researched practice is used and we pride ourselves on being up to date with evidence based practice that works.


This practice is not in the business of making unnecessary money from people. We aim to provide a high quality service whilst covering costs as well as professional fees. Session times may vary from what is listed below but possible changes in cost will be negotiated prior to the session rather than as a surprise to our clients. e.g. if a longer assessment or therapy session may be required to make the difference in understanding or meeting someone’s communication needs.


We welcome you as clients and have done our best to set our fees within current guidelines.   All details re fees and cancellations are below.


NDIS rates – we accept Self and Plan managed clients


Our practice provides services to participants in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and NDIS hourly rates are charged for both therapy and report writing. Please use their access checker at www.ndis.gov.au to see if you may be eligible for this service.  We will complete an ongoing service agreement with you once therapy needs are understood so that all financial agreements are transparently understood by both you and the practice, protecting us all.


To secure a place on our waitlist, you will need to complete our online paperwork which will be sent to you as soon as possible after receiving it otherwise the appointment will be offered to someone else on our waitlist.  NDIS determined cancellation fees may apply if you do not give enough notice of a cancellation or do not attend an appointment without notifying us.  Self managed clients are required to pay on the day where possible but strictly within 7 days if needing to claim back first or ongoing appointments may be cancelled


Speech Pathology and Provisional Psychology (Assessment and Therapy)

  • 60 minute sessions per hour  (45 mins + 15 mins paperwork)         $193.99
  • 60min Report writing (per hour)                                                          $193.99


Registered or Clinical Psychology

  • 60 minute sessions per hour (45 mins + 15 mins paperwork)          $234.83
  • 60min Report writing (per hour)                                                          $234.83


Full Fee Paying – we accept Medicare plans and private health insurance for Speech Pathology


We welcome families to the practice who have chosen or need to fund assessments and therapy themselves.  You maybe able to claim on your Private Health Insurance as long as our services are listed under your “extras” benefits.  In order to secure your appointment for assessment or therapy.  You may also be eligible for a Care Plan as referred by your GP (please see below)


A $50 non-refundable credit card deposit will also need to be made at the time of booking.  This $50 will be deducted from your first session fee once you have attended.  Should you fail to attend that appointment or successfully negotiate a rescheduling of that appointment, the $50 will be retained as a cancellation fee by the practice.


All credit card details are stored securely and in line with Federal Government rules relating to secure storage of such information.  Your card will not be used for any other purposes other than what has been agreed to in your initial paperwork or as requested by you during the course of therapy.


Medicare Plans


Good Prospects is also registered as a Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Provider for those families who have been approved under this plan by their GP to receive a rebate for up to 5 sessions in one calendar  year.   We are currently not able to accept Mental Health Care plans from GPs for psychology services.

Please see the Medicare Allied Health brochure for further details.

Service agreements are made with all clients on or before the first appointment. Cancellation fees do apply if sufficient notice is not given for non-attendance of a planned appointment.


We aim to help and have a reduced rate for non-NDIS clients who may be struggling to access services.  In order to access this rate, you will need to provide your concession card. Please contact us on 08 8182 3335 if you believe you fit within that category.

Assessment rates vary depending on need and will be quoted as accurately as possible.   Please give us as much information as possible to enable an accurate quote.


Speech Pathology Assessment


  • Under 5 years old: Generally a minimum of $400 including report but can be higher if multiple areas of concern
  • School aged educational assessment: Minimum of $800 including report and analysis of teacher concerns. Maximum of $1000 if complex
  • Adult: Needs to be quoted based on assessment required e.g. any previous assessment? or is this therapy continuation


Psychology Assessment


  • School aged educational/IQ assessment:       $1500 including report and analysis of teacher concerns. (currently we are unable to offer ASD assessments)




Speech Pathology:

  • 60 minute sessions  (45 mins + 15 mins paperwork)                 $193.99

Provisional Psychology:

  • 60 minute sessions  (45 mins + 15 mins paperwork)                 $193.99

Registered or Clinical Psychology:

  • 60 minute sessions (45 mins + 15 mins paperwork)                  $234.83


RURAL AND REGIONAL TRAVEL: Additional charges may apply and will be negotiated up front as a part of service agreements




  • NDIS Cancellation Policy – (100% of fee)  4 days’ notice required
  • Full Fee Paying Cancellation Policy  –  ($50) 2 days’ notice required


Disclaimer: Before any appointments are offered we will need a Service agreement part A from NDIS clients and a $50 deposit from full fee paying clients in order to confirm the appointment.  This will mean that if you don’t turn up or cancel the appointment we will claim either the NDIS fee or invoice the full fee paying deposit.  We aim to support you as much as possible but at the same time we are paying our therapists to prepare for your appointment and cannot easily replace it at short notice. 


We reserve the right to cancel your ongoing appointments if you continue to cancel or do not turn up.  We also reserve the right to cancel your ongoing appointments until outstanding fees have been paid.

I appreciate your understanding.  Diana Bleby – Director

Please email contact@goodprospects.com.au or phone 08 8182 3335 if you would like more information about what this practice can offer.