If you are reading this because you are searching for a Speech-Language Pathologist or Psychologist, please consider that neither the lowest or the highest fees necessarily means you are getting the best value for money or the intervention that will best suit you. The high level of training and experience of the professionals in this practice means that straight forward issues are often resolved much more quickly as current researched practice is used and we pride ourselves on being up to date with evidence based practice that works.
Please ask specific questions of anyone you are considering before engaging them for service e.g. how long they have been practising, what are their specific areas of expertise and whether there are any ‘hidden’ costs. Therapy can involve a reasonable financial commitment and it is important that you understand fully what you are getting for your money.
This practice is not in the business of making unnecessary money from people. We aim to provide a high quality service whilst covering costs as well as professional fees. Session times may vary from what is listed below but possible changes in cost will be negotiated prior to the session rather than as a surprise to our clients. e.g. if a longer assessment or therapy session may be required to make the difference in understanding or meeting a child’s communication needs.
Our practice is registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and NDIS hourly rates are charged for both therapy and report writing. Please use their access checker at www.ndis.gov.au to see if you may be eligible for this service.
Good Prospects is also registered as a Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Provider for those families who have been approved under this plan by their GP to receive a rebate for up to 5, 10 or 20 sessions depending on diagnosis. Psychology clients may also be eligible for a Mental Health Care plan from their GP.
Please see the Medicare Allied Health brochure for further details.
Service agreements are made with all clients on or before the first appointment. Cancellation fees do apply if sufficient notice is not given for non-attendance of a planned appointment.
Please email contact@goodprospects.com.au or phone 08 8182 3335 if you would like more information about what this practice can offer.


This practice provides HICAPS payment facility for your convenience.