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What We Offer



Establishing whether therapy is required and what goals might be is the role of a thorough assessment. Unless a client has had a recent assessment with another speech pathologist, this is usually the starting point. This service can provide assessments only without therapy and these can take place either at the practice, a client’s home or on any educational site assuming that the appropriate permission has been obtained. Assessments vary in length but will be negotiated with the client, parent or site based on information about the person with communication needs.





Speech and language screening is available for pre-school and school sites by negotiation.



Individual Therapy


what-weoofer3Individual therapy is available at the Prospect and Salisbury sites or by negotiation with sites such as nursing homes, childcare centres and schools. Sessions are generally 30 or 45 minutes long and are either weekly or fortnightly depending on need and the financial situation of the parent or caregiver. This practice has a commitment to making therapy relevant, interesting and transferable to other situations so parents or those involved are actively encouraged to participate in sessions (& do homework!) and materials used are age-appropriate and highly motivational (including computer-based activities where appropriate).


The high level of training and experience of the speech pathologists in this practice means that straight forward issues are often resolved much more quickly as current researched practice is used and we pride ourselves on being up to date with evidence-based practice that works.


An informal lending library operates so activities can be continued at home.



Group Therapy


Group therapy, particularly in the areas of language and literacy and stroke rehabilitation are available at the practice or on pre-school or school sites. Specific evidence-based research programs are employed to ensure that maximum progress is gained.





Preventative Programs


These are designed to be implemented in sites over the relatively short term such that sites are empowered to continue such programming without the direct assistance of a speech-language pathologist over the long term. Please see the training and development section for more details.



Training and Development


Training and/or professional development is available for small or large organisations including playgroups, childcare centres, pre-schools and schools and nursing homes. This is by negotiation. For information about possible packages, please see the information provided for Educators on the main page of this site.



Psychological Services


Please see psychologist’s profile.